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Ottawa's first Values based Business Solutions & Consultations Firm.


We lead with our values of Respect, Trust, and Integrity.


Are you the new owner of a business, and you're looking for strategic advice and support? Let us be your mentor, coach, and complete business IT solutions provider.

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Our Values

When you work with "Solutions By Abe"® our team will always lead with our Core Values: 

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Trust could be considered as foundational to all relationships and particularly those within the corporate environment.  Operationally, trust is “confidence in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone to perform a task”.  It also involves the assurance that tasks will be  completed accurately, promptly and according to an individual’s best ability, - with or without guidance or input.  Without trust, healthy relationships suffer and individuals would not feel empowered to be the best version of themselves and function at the highest level of their potential.  Everything we do must build and not erode it.

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Respect is closely related to a basic human right to be treated with kindness and dignity regardless of culture, ethnicity, abilities, beliefs or practices. From the highest levels of management and administration to all staff levels, every team member is highly valued. That means that we acknowledge and celebrate the unique expertise, and skills of each member  recognizing that our differences are our strength.  Every team member is entitled to equal treatment and we are committed to creating, promoting and maintaining a respectful corporate culture.  


Integrity, represents the “strict adherence to moral values and principles' ', as defined by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI).  Simply stated,  integrity is about honesty, morality and sound business/personal ethics.  Doubtless, most if not all organizations value data-driven results. However, organizational values that prioritize economic results over integrity, morality and ethical practices, fall short of their obligations measured against  21st Century standards.  Integrity also means being accountable for assigned work and also offering advice without fear or favour even in the face of opposition, while remaining respectful of the opinions or input of others.  Without structural integrity, walls crumble, buildings collapse and infrastructure fails.  The same is true about corporate, professional and personal integrity, without which relationships crumble, corporate culture collapses and the delicate social fabric of the workplace is compromised.

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a solver of problems especially : one who makes a practice or occupation of solving puzzles.

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Many  businesses  move forward with small incremental changes; however, to build and grow together for the future, you a team of experts that specialize in solving puzzles.  In otherwords, your organization needs "Solutions by Abe"!


Let "Solutions by Abe®" lead you and your team or small business to success.

Akil "Abe" Spooner


"Solutions by Abe ®"

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Our Values
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